Launched in Portugal, the Global Management Challenge has become the largest International Strategy and Management Competition !!!

After its debut in Portugal, in 1980 , and following its success and recognition with companies, the competition became exportable and quickly expanded throughout the world. Over several editions, it gained more and more prestige and more participants.

Global Management Challenge is an innovative way to develop the knowledge and skills of your employees It is also an opportunity to discover management potential among young talents

Present in more than
35 Countries worldwide

Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain China, Hong Kong, India, Kuwait, Macao Sar Qatar Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia NEW ZEALAND, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama Peru, Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo

About the Challenge

Global Management Challenge consists of an interactive business simulation in which each team manages a company in order to obtain the best investment performance for your company in the market in which it operates.

When making top management decisions, participants go through to analysis of economic / financial indicators, gain a broader and strategic view of a company, understand the interaction between different functional areas, and the impact that their decisions can have on an organization, taking into account the market conditions in which they compete and maximum customer and shareholder satisfaction.

Team Draw

Each edition begins with a Team Draw. The teams are organized into groups (Each Group with a maximum of 8 Teams). Each Group creates a competitive Market, in which the teams compete with one another.

After the draw and the sending of information to each team, the competition proceeds as follows:

Each team receives information(Company History) about the Company it is about to run;

Outlines a Corporate

Launches its Strategy by making functional decisions in different areas of the Company (Marketing, Production, Human Resources and Finances).

Then, it submits its Management Decisions (Decision sheet) to the Simulator via the Internet.

This cycle is repeated for each decision making that is equivalent to a quarter of the company's activity. At each stage, each team will submit 5 decision making, representing one year and one quarter of the company's management.

The teams that win (in each group) of the 1st round go on to the 2nd round. Those who win in the 2nd round will compete in the National Final.

The winner from all national competitions, get an unique opportunity to represent their respective country at the Global Management Challenge International Finals, and compete for the World Title.

All expense for the trip are paid by the competition organizers.

About the Simulator

Accredited by European Foundation for Management Development with EOCCS Certificate

The Global Management Challenge obtained an important recognition that confirms the quality of our simulator: the EOCCS certification Online Course Certification System, awarded by EFMD.

It is an international quality oriented certification, firmly incorporated into the general philosophy of EFMD accreditations: internationalization, practical relevance and quality improvement.

The model of the business simulator used in the Global Management Challenge was conceived and developed by the partners of EDIT 515 UK, professors in the Operational Research Department at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland (key theme of the Scottish Business School's Master of Business Administration degree).

SDG and EDIT 515 UK are partners in the development and improvement of the Simulator, in order to respond to the current needs of society and the evolution of technologies.

Global Management Challenge completes 40 years

Presentation of the new brand and the new interface for our simulator



The jury's role is to monitor and support the Global Management Challenge. It aims to honor and check the functioning of the competition and its decision will be sovereign in a situation of doubt / clarification before the participants.

Vítor Constâncio

Economist and former Vice President of the European Central Bank

Miguel Horta e Costa

Vice President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Alberto Castro

Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management, Universidade Católica Portuguesa do Porto

António Castro Guerra

Professor at the Higher Institute of Economics and Management and Former Secretary of State for Industry, Innovation and Energy

Miguel Setas

Director of the EDP Executive Board of Directors and CEO EDP Brazil

International Winners

40th Edition (2019)

Where: Lisbon, Portugal
Winning Country: Will take place in April 2020
39th Edition (2018)

Where: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Winning Country: Russia
38th Edition (2017)

Where: Dubai, UEA
Winning Country: Czech Republic
37th Edition (2017)

Where:Doha, Qatar
Winning Country : Macao
36th Edition (2016)

Where: Macao, China
Winning Country: Russia
35th Edition (2015)

Where: Prague, Czech Republic 
Winning Country: Russia
34th Edition (2014)

Where: Sochi, Russia
Winning Country: Russia
33th Edition (2013)

Where: Bucharest, Romania
Winning Country: Ukraine
32th Edition (2012)

Where: Kiev, Ukraine
Winning Country: Russia
31th Edition (2011)

Where: Macao, P.R China
Winning Country: Slovak Republic
30th Edition (2010)

Where: Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
Winning Country:Ukraine
29th Edition (2009)

Where: Lisbon, Portugal
Winning Country: Russia
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