About GMC

Introduction To Competition

The Global Management Challenge is an international strategy and management competition that consists of an interactive Business Simulation in which each team manages a Company with the objective of obtaining the best investment performance for its company in the market in which it is inserted.

Launched in Portugal in 1980 by SDG, the Global Management Challenge has become the largest International Strategy and Management Competition in the world today.


Team Registration

The teams’ registration marks the beginning of each edition. Participants organize themselves in a team of 3 – 5 members and register themselves for the competition. The teams are organized by groups (5 teams), in which each group constitutes a market. Each team is then provided with a unique login id credentials to access the simulator on the competition website for the country.

How it is proceed ?

After the draw and sending information to each team, the competition is as follows:

Consult & Analyze

Online Briefing (Video), Simulator Manual and Company History;

Make Decisions

through the Decision Sheet, the teams transmit their strategy: in the various areas of the company (Marketing, Production, Human Resources and Finance)

Process the Data

being the simulation interactive, the processing of the decisions is carried out simultaneously

Know the Results

through the Management Report, each team has access to the result of its strategy taking into account the competition and the economic situation of the market

Global Management Challenge normally consists of 4 stages

International Final

The International Final, where the winning teams of each country compete for the World Title, is a milestone and prestigious event, which provides a unique experience of contact between different cultures and the reality of competing at an international level. 

With 36 years experience and being present in more than 30 countries, the Global Management Challenge is clearly the largest Strategy and Management Competition in the world.

The Simulator

SDG and EDIT 515 U.K are partners in developing and improving this Simulator. Their aim is to ensure that it is up-to-date, relevant and challenging in order to meet the participating company’s current needs, and to keep up with the latest technology. The Simulator was designed and developed by Partners of EDIT 515 U.K, Professors of the Operational Research Department of the University of Strathclyde in Scotland (Key subject for a Master’s in Business Administration of the Graduate Business School of this University.

Over 500 Participants Worldwide